What is ecology?

On these pages you will find teaching material about organic farming and food. “What is organic?” is a series of teaching material for kindergardens and primary schools, which can be downloaded for free.

The material is divided into modules and has been developed by Organic Denmark and The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. It has been translated and adapted to Norwegian by Oikos- Organic Norway with financial support from The Norwegian Agricultural Authority.

The teaching material consists of texts and assignments for the pupils. Illustrations by Marte Langfjæran and Morten Telling. The material is downloadable in PDF- format for the various grade levels in the menu below.

 There is also a DVD available for free, showing animals from various farms involved in the project. The film can be ordered by e-mail to helle@oikos.no

If you have questions about the teaching material “What is organic?” and/or the farm visit through the project “the origin of Food”, please get in touch with Project Manager Helle Johnsrud on helle@oikos.no or phone: 93 65 31 00.

 There are guides for teachers for each grade and for kindergarden modules.




Primary school 1.-4.class

Middle years 5.-7. class

Middle years 7. class

Oikos – Økologisk Norge /Oikos –Organic Norway

Engebrets vei 3

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