Welcome to Oikos – Organic Norway!

Oikos is the national movement of organic producers and consumers in Norway. As most of our information is in Norwegian only, we hereby give a summary of our work and a short description of our organization. Do not hesitate to contact us in English, German, Spanish or French if you want further information.

Oikos - Organic Norway
Oikos - Organic Norway was founded on the 3rd of September 2000 as three former organisations working with organic production merged into one. The aim was to establish one organic movement and strengthen it's voice in Norwegian politics, economics and social life. Today, we cooperate closely with Demeter Norway, and they have a representative on Oikos' National Board. We also cooperate with Debio - the organic sertification body in Norway, NORSØK (Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture), Matmerk (Norwegian Agricultural Quality System and Food Branding Foundation), and Statens Landbruksforvaltning (Norwegian Agricultural Agency).

Jostein Trøite Styreleder valgt på LM2016

Organic famer, Jostein Trøite from Skogn in Trønderlag, Chair of the National board from 2016

An Annual General Meeting consisting of members from all over the country makes desicions about economy, main tasks and commitments the following year. A National Board is also elected, which is responsible for the organisation between the annual meetings. The leader of the National Board is Mr. Jostein Trøite. Oikos has 5.575 members per 1.9.2016.

Regional work
The country is divided into regions. Accordingly Oikos has eleven regional groups. They work closely with county authorities and other stakeholders in the region and organize social and open events to promote organic food and farming. In addition there are ten local groups. They also arrange events and have other activities to make people more aware of the advantages of organic farming and products . The activities in regional- and local groups is mostly voluntary work.

Regine Andersen

Oikos' main office is located in Oslo. Executive Director is Regine Andersen (photo). Oikos' have about twenty eployees working full or part time, mainly in different types of projects related to agriculture, market development, marketing, festivals and other events.

Ren Mat 2 cover korrekt

Magazine Ren Mat
Oikos publishes a magazine four times a year. Ren Mat (Pure Food) is a popular magazine for a greener lifestyle focusing organic food and how it is produced. Please have a look at our web page: www.renmat.no.

The editor is Wanda Widerøe: wanda@oikos.no

Fagseminar + kåring Drammen 038

Oikos runs a project called Eco demo where organic food is promoted in supermarkets.

Oikos runs many projects in addition to political lobbying and meetings with stakeholders in the food sector and the agricultural sector.
Our main projects:

1) Promotion of organic food in supermarkets by organic farmers and others with knowledge about organic agriculture, (Oikos in cooperation with Coop, Røros Dairy, Grøstad Gris (pork). Contact: cathrine@oikos.no

2) Organic food at festivals and other events in Norway. Coordinating and helping festivals to offer organic food at their events (Oikos). Contact: inge@oikos.no or kari@oikos.no

3) Open organic farms. Contact: elin@oikos.no

4) ØKOUKA. A week in the autum with events all over the country to promote organic food production. Contact: markus@oikos.no

5) Andelslandbruk. Coordination and support of Community Supported Agriculture. Contact: marte@oikos.no or aleksandra@oikos.no

6) Landbrukets ØKOLØFT. Project to encourage new farmers to start organic farming. Includes all the main stakeholders in Norwegian agriculture. Contact: aina@oikos.no

Oikos is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and a member of:

- IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements)
- ForUM (Forum for Development and Environment)
- Norges Vel (The Royal Norwegian Society for Development)
- Klimavalgalliansen (non-political umbrella organization with 50 member organization working to put climate higher on the political agenda)

Contact information

Visit and post:
Oikos - Økologisk Norge
Engebretsvei 3
N-0275 Oslo

Telephone:+47 24 12 41 00

E-mail: info@oikos.no

Website: http://www.oikos.no/

Office hours: Mon-Fri: 09.00.-16.00.